“Lock up your libraries if you like; but there is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind.”

Succulent Surroundings

Photos by Aliya Wanek

Photos by Aliya Wanek

I would like to tell you that this shoot was not planned in anyway and that I dress this fab on a daily basis, but that would be completely untrue. I've picked up a few new items in the last few months that I am really starting to adore and I felt I needed a post to show them off a little bit. 1) My Madewell sunnies have become my go-to item in the last few weeks and they make me freaking happy--as happy as sun glasses can make you. I picked them up a little before my travels to Europe and since then they have found them indefinitely attached to my face or chest. 2) I can't tell you how long I've been looking for a nice pair of heeled sandals for the summer (now virtually over) to wear with my lighter colored jeans. Unfortunately, I am still searching as these babies aren't mine they are my roommates. There are perks to having a roommate who works too much to enjoy her closet and coincidentally wears all the the same sizes as you.  In all seriousness, if anyone finds some legitimately cute sandals, heeled or not, I am interested in hearing about them!

I do believe it's too early in my style blogging career to have such bad post titles, but I am at a complete loss of creativity at the moment. University has just begun and I have found my self once again enduring sleepless nights and tedious readings. Because of my involvement in my studies and work, I have had little time to actually enjoy things within the city. Last Sunday, Aliya and I found our selves gawking over all the clothing and hip trinkets found at the ever so trendy General Store

W H A T   I ' M   W E A R I N G 

Zara Trafaluc shirt, Zara Basic Jeans, Madewell sunnies, & Steve Madden Kendal sandals

All photo credits to Aliya Wanek